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I write about my journey with code, my passion for music and my experience with software. I’m actively seeking a software development roll that is 100% remote.

The lifelong hunt for your perfect guitar tone

Most guitar players know exactly what I’m talking about when I bring up the topic of searching for perfect guitar tone. It’s something that starts as soon as you start playing guitar. You may not realize it at first. But you are not happy with how your guitar sounds. And you have no idea why.

The Electric Guitar

Playing electric guitar opens up a whole new world filled with a plethora of gadgets and cool toys. There are so many different styles and types of amps, pedals, guitars, software and even electric magnetic picks that…

A junior developer’s report on taking the next step forward

Four years ago, I made a decision to actually put forth real effort into learning how to code. I bought a giant C++ book and brand new pens. I completely rearranged my room, strategically placing my three computer monitors for studying instead of gaming. Those days were over. I was a coder now.

For the next six months, I spent between three and six hours each night going through my C++ study plan. I really thought I was doing well. Any topic I didn’t understand, I just went over it again and again. I thought my patience and determination would…

Mistakes I made that’ll hopefully save you time

I was 35 years old when I first started learning code. I knew I’d either waste a lot of time or I’d eventually come out the other side. I made the decision to stick with coding no matter what. I had the drive, dedication, and patience. I knew it’d be a monumental task, but I held true to the belief that as long as I didn’t give up, I’d succeed.

Throughout my journey, I’ve consistently made monumental mistakes that led to seemingly impossible roadblocks. For the first few months, I couldn’t even wrap my head around what I was learning…

Find something you love doing and do it as much as you can.

Don’t wait for inspiration or aspire to perfection. Be patient, original, and honest. Don’t do it for money or fame. Do it for yourself and let it define you.

Find something you love doing . . .

This is difficult no matter who you are. You’ll always second guess yourself even if you’re a master of your craft. Which is why I feel it’s important to find your passion as soon as possible. I found my passion for Music when I was eighteen. …

Well, after my 25 year trial of WinRAR I've decided to move forward and make it my official file archiver utility when using Windows.

I regret nothing!

Reflecting on a seemingly impossible goal

Six years ago I made the decision to start learning to code. I quickly discovered this would be a monumental task that would require patience, dedication and drive. I knew I was at a vital crossroad in my life and I felt I needed to take this seriously. I had no plans to start down this path only to quit a month later — I was either not going to try at all, or I was going to try harder to do this than anything else in my entire life.

I made up my mind and made myself a promise…

Great stuff! I feel like a lot of that can be applied to anyone who wants to be be better in their field and at life. Especially 'Knowing When to Speak' & 'They Are Fact-Driven' as I feel like those go pretty well together. If you don't have all the facts to explain yourself then there is no point in debating your opinion about something.

This is invaluable information for newcomers and seasoned pros alike. Thank you for taking the time to include so many useful resources.

I love how this is structured in a way to really organize your thoughts throughout this process because there is a lot. And because there is so much it is common for people to feel overwhelmed, demoralized and eventually broken when approaching such a grand project.

Your article gives us hope and determination through your own experiences that there is actually light at the end of the tunnel as long as we keep pushing through.

Do what you love because you love doing it

I’ve seen a lot of articles popping up about the monetary success that some writers on Medium have experienced. These stories point out key factors that can lead to thousands of viewers and, ultimately, thousands of dollars.

When I first started writing for Medium, I didn’t even know that making money was an option. I was already writing a ton for Quora which I enjoyed quite a bit and I was looking for a place to post longer articles about things I love doing. I also saw it as a deeper learning phase for these things as well. …

Going beyond Hello World to show important Python fundamentals

Python is built with the ability to organize your program so it’s easy to navigate and read. You don’t want all of your code in one file. You also don’t want all of your functions scattered aimlessly. By using classes we can set up methods so the functions you need are only available through the named objects we set up from a class.

Think of a class as a description and set of instructions for how a tool is going to work. The object we create from that class becomes our…

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