My name is Evan Deubner and I love to write. It's how I learn, grow, and understand the madness of this world. I also love to play guitar and record songs, which can be found on my profile page. ------------------------------------------------------ Coding entered my life 7 years ago. I'm not currently an employed developer, but I find some success in writing about code for Better Programming, which has been amazing since day one, when they approached me about publishing my self-published article about learning to code. ------------------------------------------------------ It was only my second article on Medium and I was still shaky about code as well. Having a large publication like Better Programming reach out and ask to publish my writings was exactly the boost in confidence I needed at that time. ------------------------------------------------------ I currently write about my journey with code, my journey with writing, and my journey with music. These stories take on many different faces. Some succeed; some do not. But I continue writing either way. ------------------------------------------------------ Just a quick synopsis of my limited amount of success. I write every single day. I also read other Medium articles and books in real life. I spend time engaging with writers through comments and social media. I ask questions when I don't know something. I help newer writers than myself. ------------------------------------------------------ And I never let myself lose sight of the future even when failure is imminent. Because I can't truly lose anything and nobody can take anything from me that I can't recreate somewhere else. I believe this to be my true metric for success. ------------------------------------------------------

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Striving to achieve impossible things, because impossible things are all I have left to achieve