How to Win Arguments With Unvaccinated Junkies

Evan Deubner
3 min readSep 4, 2021

Addiction treatment inside Delta hot-zones

I live in Springfield, MO which was recently featured in the national news for having shockingly low vaccination rates in a Delta variant hot-spot.¹ At the time of the article, Springfield’s vaccination was 30% with the state average topping out at 37%.¹

Missouri has increased its vaccination rate to 45%.² However, some counties in Missouri still report as low as 19% vaccination rate as of 09/04/21.³

Far below the national target of 70%.⁴

Springfield, Missouri

It’s not a rare occurrence to see stickers and signs to support former President Donald Trump throughout southwest Missouri.⁵

The people I work with, live with, and hang out every day with are all Trump supporters with stupid opinions on most of the things we talk about. They watch Fox News and then try to convert me to their side with talking points they saw on TV.

I have yet to hear a compelling argument.

Addiction Treatment

I help manage an addiction treatment program in Springfield called C.O.R.E.⁶ We’re an intake house for the surrounding area. Addicts stay with us for 30 days before moving to one of our other houses where they, hopefully, stay for the rest of their year long program.

Our client base ranges from homeless alcoholics, end of the line meth addicts, iv heroin users, and guys coming straight from prison.

We take everyone to vaccination centers as soon as they arrive. We want to maintain a 90% vaccination rate, but state law prohibits us from making vaccinations mandatory, so new clients can refuse to be vaccinated.

Even Junkies Fear Vaccination

We have heroin users saying they don’t trust what’s in the vaccine. Even though a week prior, they were shooting up what they hoped was heroin purchased from some dude they barely know. But with this vaccination, suddenly they want to know what’s in it before putting it in their body.

They wouldn’t even understand what’s in an apple.⁷

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